About PIC

The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) was officially formed in 1997, the result of a merger between the Ontario Poultry Council and the Poultry Industry Centre. The activities of PIC are made possible through the efforts of a twelve person volunteer Board representing both producers and the poultry industry, along with 3 full time and 1 part time staff members.

This past year board members and staff have worked to build a new strategic direction and business plan for the Poultry Industry Council.  PIC’s primary activities and mission changed as of  October 21, 2014.

Our new Mission Statement:

To efficiently deliver poultry extension services, event coordination, and project and program management while supporting research capacity for the betterment of the Ontario industry.

This change lead to the adoption of a new strategic direction and business plan for 2014-2015, below outlines the six primary strategies.

1) Development and delivery of extension programs identified as priorities by the Ontario poultry industry.

2) Planning and coordinating events for the poultry industry.

3) Management and delivery of programs and projects for the poultry industry.

4) Sound fiscal management including an industry-supported revised funding formula and new revenue sources.

5) Poultry research capacity maintained at a level acceptable to the poultry industry.

6) PIC governance model implementation.

Link to PIC’s 2014 AGM Report

PIC elected a new Chair on December 12, 2014

PIC elected  Edward Verkley, as chair, by the Board to replace Dr. Helen Anne Hudson, Burnbrae Farms, who stepped down after a three year term at the helm.  Charlie Elliott, from Masterfeeds was also elected as Vice Chair of the organization, filling a previously vacant position.

“I am looking forward to this new role and see the tremendous value that PIC plays within our industry”, stated Ed Verkley. “We are working on our governance and ensuring we operate as efficiently as possible for the sector”.  Ed is the Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) representative at the PIC Board and is the CFO Board Director for District 8.