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Why should you become a Corporate Member of PIC?

By becoming a PIC Corporate Member, you are investing in the Ontario Poultry Industry’s Research and Education Programs.  The PIC depends on continued industry support to be able to run top quality programs.  In addition, PIC members receive:

  • Discounted rates at  PIC events and education seminars
  • Free PIC Boardroom Rentals
  • Notification regarding sponsorship opportunities
  • Corporate Recognition on the PIC website and in member lists/annual report
  • Full Voting rights at the AGM

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Bryan Gloyd, Ontario Accounts Manager
Box 1593, 842 Juliana Dr., Woodstock, ON N4S 0A8.
Phone: (519) 539-2091 Fax: (519) 539-0616

ADM Alliance Nutrition manufactures and markets nutritional premixes for livestock, poultry, and pets, distributes proprietary ADM and other feed ingredients, feed additives, feed medications, and other animal health products. Our mission is to become the most sought-after supplier to the feed and pet food industries in Canada through development of ADM value-added products, marketing of a full line of feed products and ingredients, feed formulation technology, and support services for our proprietary customers.

Box 3612, Guelph, ON, N1H 6R8
Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext 54543 Fax: (519) 824-1739

The Animal Health Laboratory (AHL) unit of the Laboratory Services Division complements the regulatory and analytical testing carried out by the Division. The AHL is a full-service, fully computerized veterinary diagnostic lab with an extensive cadre of laboratorians with post-graduate training and specialty board certification. The AHL provides a single source of laboratory services in the field of animal health, encompassing both food-producing and companion animals. The AHL provides specialized diagnostic services to support your veterinarian.

Brian Baynton,
20 Cutten Place, Guelph, ON N1G 4Z7
Phone: (519) 763-3331 Fax: (519) 763-5682

Alltech has become a recognized leader in the poultry industry worldwide with expertise in Samonella control, meat quality, and antibiotic free and antibiotic reduced poultry production. For more information, please contact Brian Bayton at, or visit our website at

7660 Mill Road, R.R. #4, Guelph, ON, N1H 6J1
Phone: (519) 836-8383 Fax: (519) 836-5015

R.R. #3, Brighton, Ontario, K0K1H0
Phone: (613) 475-0820 Fax: (613) 475-4487

6981 Forestell Rd., Guelph, ON N1H 6J3
Phone: (519) 820-4955 Fax: (519) 836-7884

4272 Concession Four Rd. N., R.R. #4 Amherstburg, ON N9V 2Y9
Phone: (519) 736-2236 Fax: (519) 736-0531


Belwood specializes in turkeys as a grower, breeder and processor. Please feel free to contact Claire Maxwell, Vice-President.

Len Jewitt, President and General Manager
8651 Wellington Rd. 8 R.R.#2 Moorefield, ON N0G 2K0
Phone: (519) 343-3198 Fax: (519) 343-4242

18 Arthur St., Elmira, ON N3B 2Z6
Phone: (519) 669-2561 Fax: (519) 669-7613

Box 9, Mildmay, ON, N0G 2J0
Phone: (888) 632-2775 Fax: (519) 367-2827

No other Poultry Service Company can accommodate your every need like Brian’s Poultry Services Ltd. Serving the Poultry industry for over 20 years, we have established a network of crews across the country, and we are still growing! Brian’s Poultry Services recognizes that each of our clients has unique requirements. Our vast network of crews allows us the flexibility to meet or surpass those needs. We pride ourselves as being a solutions driven company. We involve ourselves with research and development, to constantly remain at the leading edge of our industry. Management Team! Dedicated Office Staff! Hard Working Field Crews! Coming together as one – to serve your needs 24 hours a day!

Craig Hunter
R.R.#1 Lyn, ON K0E 1M0.
Phone: (613) 341-2006 Fax: (613) 345-6946


4389 112 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C 0J7
Phone: (800) 561-2474 Fax: (403) 236-3471

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. with an extensive R & D program has developed a family of enzymes, acidifiers, and dietary nucleotide products for use in poultry. Superzyme CS, corn-soy diets and diets containing up to 10% DDGS in the diet, Superzyme B (barley based), Superzyme W (wheat diets) and Superzyme OM (flax diets increasing the available omega-3 in the diets), Maxi-Gen, dietary nucleotides, and Maxi-Cid, an acidifier. The enzymes are available in dry and liquid forms.

Marilyn White, Publisher/Sales Manager
105 Donly Drive South, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4N5
Phone: (888) 599-2228 x237 Fax:  (888) 404-1129

Steve Leech, National Program Manager
350 Sparks Streett, Suite 1007, Ottawa, ON, K1R 7S8
Phone: (613) 238-2514 Fax: (613) 238-1967


CFO.Corp SIg Final 2013

3320 South Service Road, Burlington, ON, L7R 3Y8
Phone: (905) 637-0025 Fax: (905) 637-3464

The Chicken Farmers of Ontario is a farmer-run, non-profit organization representing Ontario chicken farmers. Ontario is the largest producer, processor and consumer of chicken in Canada. Approximately 1100 of Canada’s 2800 chicken farmers live in Ontario. We grow more than 200 million chickens every year, producing more than 325 million kilograms of chicken meat annually which is valued at over half a billion dollars before it leaves the farm.

CFO has been in existence since 1965 and operates under a marketing system known as “supply management” or “orderly marketing”. CFO is accountable to the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (OFPMC), which is a supervisory body that is part of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The OFPMC has delegated certain authority to CFO to control and regulate the production.

395278 39th Line, R.R.#2, Embro, ON N0J 1J0
Phone: (519) 475-9032

149 Brock Street, Thamesford, ON, N0M 2M0
Phone: (519) 284-3940 Fax: (519) 285-2587

Cold Springs Farm, an integrated agri-food business located in Southwestern Ontario, has remained dedicated to agriculture and food production for over fifty years.

The three pillars of our business are land, livestock and agri-food production. Land provides the base for crop and livestock production. The company raises turkeys and hogs, supplying feed from its feedmill and managing waste by turning it into premium fertilizer and compost products used in crop production. Turkey processing plants supply the retail, foodservice and industrial markets. All parts of the business focus on superior process control to ensure the utmost in food quality and employee safety.


R.R.#1, 43709 Summerhill Rd., Dublin, ON N0K 1E0 Joe Dwyer, President
Phone: (519) 527-2285 Fax: (519) 527-2562

7195 Millcreek Dr., Mississiauga, ON L5N 4H1
Phone: (905) 858-9790 Fax: (905) 858-1589

150 Research Lane, Ste 120, Guelph, ON
Phone: (800) 265-5475 Fax: (519) 821-7831

John Ernewein, President & CEO
18 Industrial Road, Walkerton, ON, N0G 2V0
P.O. Box 970, Walkerton, ON, N0G 2V0
Phone: (519) 881-0187 Fax: (519) 881-3199

John Ernewein Limited is the largest independently owned grain handling distributor in Canada. With a dealer network through out Ontario and the Maritimes, plus over 40 years of experience Ernewein’s staff has the knowledge and resources to satisfy your needs. When you buy an Ernewin product, you can be assured you are buying up to date grain storage technology.

60 Irwin Street, Clinton, ON, N0M 1L0
Phone: (519) 482-3438 Fax: (519) 432-3781

P.O BOX 70, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B0

80 North Side Dr., St. Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0
Phone: (519) 664-2291 Fax: (519) 664-3491

Joseph Hamilton, Manager
100 Main Street, Glen Huron, ON, L0M 1L0
Phone: (705) 466-2244 Fax: (705) 466-2122

R.R. #2, Dashwood, ON, N0M 1N0
Phone: (519) 237-3561 Fax: (519) 237-3640

Family run for 3 generations. Also farms 2500 acres, no till cropping – wheat, corn, beans.

650 Riverbend Drive, Suite C, Kitchener, ON, N2K 3S2
Phone: (519) 578-2740 Fax: (519) 578-1870

Hybrid Turkeys began operations in 1953 with 500 commercial meat turkeys. Since then, Hybrid has grown so that today, the company is one of the three major turkey breeding companies worldwide and Canada’s only primary turkey breeder.

Hybrid customers all over the world continue to profit from Hybrid’s ongoing research and development programs. Improvement in Hybrid’s well established, wide ranging gene pool ensures that various strains of turkeys are available to specifically address every market need.
In addition to a sizable share of the North and South American markets, Hybrid enjoys a significant presence in the rest of the world.

Robert Gauthier, DVM, Director of Research and Development
5020 Ave. Jefo, C.P. 325 St-Hyacinthe, QC J2S 7B6
Phone: (450) 799-2000; Fax: (450) 778-1338.

Supplier of non medicated feed additives and feed commodities.

John & Joanne Mitchell
Box #100-509 Dickson Drive, Fergus, ON, N1M 2W7
Phone: (519) 843-2672 Fax: (519) 787-7608

Jeni Mobile Wash Ltd. has operated since 1986. Our well trained crew has been providing top quality, honest, reliable barn washing and fogging services to south western Ontario. Barn washing is our “speciality.” We can provide a crew to match any size operation. Our motto is “Start Clean, Stay Clean, Stay Healthy.”

Lakeside Poultry Veterinary Services Inc.

Dr. Shahbaz Haq

240 Graff Avenue Unit A

Stratford, ON, Canada N5A 6Y2

Telephone: 519-273-9090

Fax: 519-273-2002



Welcome to Lakeside Poultry Veterinary Services Inc.

We are a Poultry Veterinary Practice located in Stratford, Ontario. Our practice serves the commercial poultry industry sectors such as broiler breeder chickens, broiler chickens, hatchery, layer chickens, turkeys, poultry processing plants, feed mills, specialty chickens, organic chickens, and miscellaneous (duck, quail, pigeon, partridge, etc.).

Our practice offers a variety of services including:

  • Postmortem
  • Blood Sampling
  • Serology
  • Bursal Health Monitoring
  • Intestinal Health Check
  • Oocyst Per Gram (OPG) Monitoring
  • Evaluation of Barn Conditions
  • Trouble Shooting Drop in Egg Production
  • Trouble Shooting High Mortality Issues
  • Trouble Shooting Flock Performance Issues
  • Flock Immune Status Monitoring
  • Recommendation of Vaccination Programs
  • Feed Sampling
  • Water Testing
  • Provision of Medications, Vaccination Equipment and Accessories
  • Organic Health Services
  • Hatchery Services (ie. Evaluation of Quality Assurance Programs, Low Fertility and Hatchability, Hatch Breakout Analysis, Hatching Egg Quality)
  • Salmonella Control and Prevention Strategies
  • Feed Mill Services

Charles Elliott, Ontario Poultry Business Manager
1020 Hargrieve Road, London, ON, N6E 1P5
Phone: (519) 685-4300 Fax: (519) 685-9410

P.O. Box 1900, St. Marys, ON N4X 1C2
Phone: (519) 284-1790

1060 Fountain Street North, Cambridge ON, N3E 0A1
Phone: (800) 463-1196  Fax: (519) 650-6733

New-Life Mills is a division of Parrish and Heimbecker boasting Feed Assure certified feed mills in Denfield, Wyoming and Inkerman, Ontario.

Our feed formulations are monitored continuously to ensure the best mix of ingredients for today’s high yielding and environmentally conscious poultry operations. We are truly dedicated to your success and pride ourselves on providing outstanding service backed by over 250 years collective field experience.

As a leader in the introduction of new technology in nutrition, animal health and management, we work to exceed your expectations.

483 Arkell Rd R.R.#2, Guelph, ON N1H 6H8

251 Woodlawn Rd. W., Guelph, ON N1H 8J1
Phone: (519) 837-0005

Mike & Wayne Oegema, Owners
10882 Sunset Rd., St. Thomas, ON N5P 3T2
Phone: (519) 633-0514 Fax: (519) 633-3387

Debbie Carroll, Secretary
7660 Mill Rd., R.R. #4, Fergus, ON N1H 6J1
Phone: (519)-763-6360 Fax: (519) 837-0729

Kevin DeBruyn, Manager, Ontario Raw material Procurement. P.O. Box 8270, Dundas, ON L9H 5G1.
Phone: (905) 628-2258 Fax: (905) 628-8577

Brian Terpstra, Poultry Business Manager
600 James St. S., St. Marys, ON N4X 1C7.
Phone: (519) 349-2152 Fax: (519) 349-3155

Dr. Eng Hong Lee, President
131 Malcolm Rd., Guelph, ON N1K 1A8
Phone: (519) 822-2994 Fax: (519) 822-9471
Email: immucox@vetchinc.con

Vetech Laboratories Inc. is a Guelph, Ontario based manufacturer of Immucox* coccidiosis vaccines for Turkey, broiler, breeders and commercial layers as well as Poultry Puck* Canadian technology at work . *Registered Trade Mark.

George Jeffrey
260 Holiday Inn, Unit 10, Building A, Cambridge, ON N3C 4E8
Phone: (519) 495-4243 Fax: (519) 632-1189

Richard Day, President and Lewis Day, Sec. Treasurer
Phone: (519) 846-9885 Fax: (519) 846-5490

596202 Highway #59, R.R.#6 Woodstock, ON N4S 7W1
Phone: (800) 552-1064 or (519) 462-1712 Fax: (519) 462-1713

Weeden Environments is the home of the Weeden Sprinkler System, proven to be the mostsuccessful method available for reducing heat stress, controlling dust and promoting activity within poultry flocks. As a full service poultry equipment company, they distribute Feeding and Nipple Drinking Systems from Plasson, Computerized Controllers and Scales from Rotem, Del Air Fans, Space Ray Heaters, Mixrite Medicators, Harkins Hopper Switches, AFA Vent and Curtain machines and a complete line of Hardware parts. Weeden also distributes MicroTreat “P”, the water-soluble bacterial product aimed at lowering gram negative bacteria levels within the litter of poultry houses. Recently Weeden has also gained the exclusive Canadian distribution rights for Proxy Clean which is the most “talked about” water line cleaner in the USA.




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