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PIC  partnered with the Canadian Poultry Magazine to host a Joint Innovations – Sustainability Banquet on November 18th.  PIC’s biennial Innovation Conference  was held the following day on Thursday, November 19th, 2015.  The conference theme this year was Feed, Fuel & Feathers” and took a unique approach to discussing innovations in nutrition and other aspects of poultry production.  Sessions  focused on the Economics of Feed vs. Fuel, surprising information about By-Products, the feeding perspective of a crop geneticist, and much more! Breakout sessions delved into species-specific topics including Production Management & Vitamins, Updated Nutrition Specs, Nutritional Implications of Global Trends & Genetic Developments, and much more!  

Banquet Key Note speaker:  Craig Klemmer, Senior Agricultural Economist – Farm Credit Canada’s. Craig gave an engaging talk about sustainable agriculture and FCC’s positive voice for Canadian agriculture through their “Agriculture More than Ever” Camping.  Visit AgMoreThanEver.ca for more information on this campaign.

Craig Klemmer, Farm Credit Canada - Banquet Key Note Speaker

Craig Klemmer, Farm Credit Canada – Banquet Key Note Speaker



Award Winner: The Ed McKinlay Poultry Worker of the Year Award was presented to Debbie Carroll by PIC’s Chair Ed Verkley.  Congratulations Debbie!  Click here for details.

Debbie Carroll and Ed










Thank you to all our sponsors especially Farm Credit Canada and Gray Ridge Egg Farms for their support as Premium Event Sponsors

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The Innovations Conference is also sponsored by DSM Nutritional Products, Egg Farmers of Ontario and Vetoquinol Canada.

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