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Health Day

PIC’s Health Day was held in Stratford on June 15, 2017.

A special thank you to all of our presenters, attendees and sponsors!

Below is a list of topics and presenters, along with several links to their presentation materials:

Broilers Raised Without Antibiotics: US Field Perspective – Dr. John Smith, Fieldale Farms Corporation

Bronchitis Updates and Q & A session

  • Layers – Dr. Mike Petrik, McKinley Hatcheries 
  • Broilers – Dr. Shahbaz Haq, Lakeside Poultry Veterinarian Services
  • Broiler Breeders – Dr. Kathleen Long – Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Avian Influenza in the United States: Overview anUpdat– Emily Lhamon, Penn State

Characterization of Variant Reovirus Isolates in Chickens – Dr. Milos Markis, Aviserve LLC

Coaching Team Members to Do the RighThin– Emily Lhamon, Penn State

Working Together to Reduce Mycotoxin Risk to Poultry Performance – Melissa Wiseman, Wallenstein Feed Supply