Research Day – May 10, 2017

Next PIC’s Research Day will be Held May 10, 2017.  Look for details March 2017.

Pic’s Last Research Day was held on May 4, 2016 in Guelph.

The event highlighted 3 facility members and one post doctorate fellow from the University of Guelph, 1 facility member from the University of Montreal, 2 facility members from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as Dr. Bruce Roberts of the Canadian Poultry Research Council, and Dr.. Rachel Ouckama from Maple Lodge Farms. They presented a wide variety of poultry research topics being done today and what research may be done in field in the future.  The 84 attendees from government, industry, academia, the four feather boards and media gained a stronger understanding of the research activities at three Universities that relate directly to industry issues.

CLICK HERE to download the proceeding booklet with the presenters abstracts.

RD collage 2016


National Research Strategy Update – Dr. Bruce Roberts, Canadian Poultry Research Council

Maintenance of Gut Health in Poultry – Dr. Shayan Sharif – University of Guelph

France – 4 different AI strains – Dr. Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt – University of Montreal

Update on Ontario Small Poultry Flock Surveillance – Dr. Leonardo Susta – University of Guelph

Response of Market – Age Turkeys to Simulated Transport Conditions  – Dr. Trever Crowe – University of Saskatchewan

New Frontiers for Poultry Nutrition – Dr. Elijah Kiarie – University of Guelph

Impacts of day length on turkeys and broilers – Dr. Karen Schwean-Lardner – University of Saskatchewan

Switching to a drug-free program in your barn: what will Clostridium perfringens say about it? – Dr. Marie-Lou Gaucher – Quebec Veterinarian – Post Doctorate Fellowship University of Guelph

Live Transportation Research and Improvement Initiatives – Dr. Rachel Ouckama – Maple Lodge Farms

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