Poultry Welfare Auditor Course (PAACO) 2017-03-21T16:26:44+00:00

Poultry Welfare Auditor Course (PAACO)

Next course offering date is still to be determined in late fall of 2017.

As the Canadian delivery agent for the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization’s (PAACO) Poultry Auditor course, PIC offers  training courses as the need arises.  This course teaches trainees how to audit commercial poultry production facilities, and certifies them as PAACO poultry auditors upon successful completion of the program.

We would like to recognize and congratulate the trainees who obtained their Canadian PAACO Certification.  PIC  appreciates their effort in enhancing their knowledge of animal welfare and strengthening their auditing skills. For the full list of PAACO Poultry Welfare Certified Auditors Click Here.