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Call for Letters of Intent

Dear Applicant:

The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) has been proud to fund excellent research in poultry science across Canada for several decades. This year we will be amending our annual call for proposals procedure. The PIC will be changing to a year-round open call for proposals, from the current once per year system.

Our reasoning for moving to this procedure is two-fold: Firstly, it will allow you, the researcher, greater flexibility in meeting the deadlines of other funding agencies. Secondly, it will allow us, the PIC, to be more involved in the research we fund. By fostering research collaborations and thereby ensuring research projects are as wide in scope as practically and scientifically possible, we endeavor to optimize outcomes of research funded by PIC.

Ideally, research projects will meet the needs of the poultry industry in a way that is comprehensive, collaborative (avoiding duplication), and immediately applicable. This does not mean that we will fund applied science only, but rather that the research you conduct will be applied practically and in a timely manner where possible, via connections made during the research process.

As this is a transition year, we invite you to submit a Letter of Intent by January 31st, 2011. Thereafter, we will be accepting Letters of Intent year-round. You will receive a response to your Letter of Intent within six weeks, and may be invited to submit a Full Proposal at that point. Full proposals will be reviewed in order of arrival at PIC.

Please note that The Poultry Industry Council’s mandate is to provide ongoing funding for research projects that focus on the needs of our poultry industry in Canada. It is important that you clearly indicate how your project will contribute towards the achievement of the aims and objectives articulated in the Ontario Poultry Industry Research and Education Strategy which can be found here.

Applications will only be considered where:

· Projects have principal investigators who are working full time in Canadian institutions or

· Projects contribute to a potential for economic benefit to the poultry industry in Canada.

· The research is not duplicating work being undertaken elsewhere.

Records of previously funded work can be found on the PIC website or by contacting PIC.

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Poultry Industry Council for research funding. Please forward this information to your colleagues in the poultry research field.

Helen Anne Hudson, Chair
PIC Research Committee
Poultry Industry Council



Project leaders are invited to submit a Letter of Intent by January 31st, 2011 and at any point thereafter. Letters of Intent should be written in plain English using the attached form, and provide sufficient information to allow someone unfamiliar with the research to understand the procedures. An accessible contact person must be listed as the review process may involve communication between the scientist and members of thePIC Research Committee.

Please submit an electronic copy of the application to

Electronic copies of the application form are available here or upon request at the PIC office (phone 519-837-0284 or email

In addition to the electronic copy, please submit one original signed copy and five additional copies of the completed LOI to:

Research Committee
c/o Poultry Industry Council
483 Arkell Road, R.R. #2
Guelph, Ontario N1H 6H8
Fax (519.837-3584).

Full Application Form

If you have been invited to submit a Full Application, please click here for the application template.