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OAHN – Reports

Below are the links to the Best Management Practice for Poultry Medicated feed Withdrawal, Poultry Producer Report Q4 2016, Poultry Producer Report Q1 2017 and the Special Report on Infectious Bronchitis Virus  from the OAHN Poultry Expert Network.  We thank all veterinarians who contributed to these reports . These reports can also be  access through the OAHN’s website at: http://oahn.ca/networks/poultry/

Industry Update – Biosecurity recommendations for broiler and broiler breeder flocks affected by Reovirus

Infectious Bronchitis Advisory for Poultry Farmers

OAHN Producer Update Q3 Report 2017

OAHN Producer Update Q2 Report 2017

OAHN Producer Update Q1 Report 2017

OAHN Producer Update Q4 Report 2016

OAHN Special Report on IBV December 2016