Poultry Innovations Conference

Click here to view Dr. Yi Liang’s presentation “Cooling Chickens and Turkeys using Air Velocity, Sprinklers and Cool Cell Pads”

The 41st Poultry Innovations Conference was held November 7th & 8th, 2013 in London, ON, with the theme of “Environments in the Barn & During Transport: Are We There Yet?” PIC would like to sincerely thank all of our speakers and conference attendees for their help in making this event a success!

This one and a half day event is Canada’s National Poultry Innovation Conference and is evolving into an international conference with speakers and attendees from North America and the European Union. As part of ongoing research and education, Poultry Industry Council provides an excellent opportunity for all members of the poultry industry to come together to hear the latest information available on very current topics within the poultry industry.

The Poultry Innovations Conference now runs once every 2 years.