The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) offers services to other agricultural organizations.

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Event and Project Coordination Services

The poultry sector in Canada is unique because the entire sector collectively strives for success and improvements on a daily basis. Organizations and groups of farmers working together present a powerful opportunity for change.

The Poultry Industry Council has expertise in facilitating groups, hosting events, planning and executing on projects, webinars, and more, and we would love to help you deliver your next project successfully.

We can work with you and your organization on a variety of projects. To get you thinking about how we can work together, we’ve put together the following menu of services.

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Peer to peer groups



Program planning


Project management

Evaluation & plans

Events planning & delivery

How we can help

Services may include the development of training materials, co-ordination of educational services, and event planning.

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Event planning services are for one day events with a maximum of 100 attendees. Larger and multiple day event services will be negotiated on a per event basis. Please note that travel expenses for PIC staff and bank charges for on-line registration payments are not included in the cost and will be invoiced as an additional charge.

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PIC will provide event services on a contractual basis for our members / clients. This type of event is not branded or advertised by PIC. Services include planning and delivering your event, soup to nuts: sourcing venue and caterer, registration and payment, arranging accommodations, day of event management and budget tracking.

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A Co-hosted event includes any Industry wide event that would be hosted by PIC and a member or client. Co-Hosting with PIC allows the client to utilize PIC’s extensive contact list, industry connections, and experience in education/extension activities and event management. In addition, it reduces the time requirement of client staff that would be needed to host an event alone.

PIC would organize topics and speakers with the exception of one feature speaker provided by the member or client, at the client’s expense. All Proceedings materials will be co-branded, developed and printed by PIC. Advertising would consist of the client’s media sources as well as PIC newsletter, e-blast and website. PIC is your partner on this type of event, and we will work hard to ensure it’s a success.

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The services provided in the Co-Hosted event applies for an exclusive sponsored industry event, however the member or client would be the only sponsor of the event. The additional benefits are: seminar recognition as the sole sponsor; and free registration of up to 10% of sponsorship for client or member’s attendees.

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Leveraging our track record of delivering extension and education events, Poultry Industry Council is able to support you and your team with delivering on a professional webinar.

We create communications materials that include branding features company corporate logos on PIC’s webinar page, registration portal, event calendar and e-invites to PIC’s extensive distribution list. We also have a growing social media presence that will be leveraged.

During the event, PIC support staff will manage the tech end of things and moderate speakers and participant interaction. We ensure your brand is at the forefront through advertising and other key placement of logos. We can even make your event interactive by using break out rooms.

After the event is over, a recording is made available, as well as supplemental materials can be hosted for future participant use. Participant feedback can be collected and a thank you can be distributed to the registrants.

PIC can deliver the following:

  • Project planning including support in developing the agenda;
  • Promotions and outreach using our established social media and e-blast network;
  • Registrations including tracking attendance, attendee information and managing incoming inquiries;
  • Dedicated PIC staff to manage the session start to finish including coaching presenters and dry run;
  • Hosting of live, 1-hour session which includes: multiple speaker capability and hosting of up to 500 attendees;
  • Responding to participant questions
  • Option to invite attendees to multiple chat rooms for a smaller Q&A;
  • Assisting with setting up of participant feedback survey for participants;
  • Recording session;
  • Web-hosting and private login access to session.

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Disclaimer of Endorsement

The Poultry Industry Council does not endorse the organizations sponsoring its events and we do not endorse the views they express or the products/services offered. The Poultry Industry Council is not responsible for or liable in any way for commercial transactions which users transact with sponsoring organizations. By co-hosting an event it does not commit PIC to the company, nor imply a business partnership.

For information about PIC services and for pricing on your event or project idea, contact us at 519-837-0284 or

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