In an effort to keep you connected to the latest information on COVID-19 and its ongoing impacts on agriculture, please review these resources.  We will be updating the list of resources as they become available.

Should there be something you’re in need of, reach out to us for assistance via email: pic [at]

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Industry Updates:

Maple Leaf’s Pandemic Plan COVID-19, Pandemic Plan Booklet (Maple Leaf Foods, April 2, 2020) Final2

MEDIA MESSAGING for CPEPC MEMBERS’ Media Messaging for Member Companies

Guidelines for the Canadian Poultry and Egg Industry Response-to-COVID-19_

Completing Producer Shipping Receipts TFO Memo – Producer Shipping Receipts – COVID-19 TFO

Meat & Poultry Ontario


Federal Updates:

Federal Safety Guidance for Transportation SAFETY_GUIDANCE_PROTECT_COMMERCIAL_DRIVERS_-_COVID_19

Guidance on Essential Services and Functions

PPE and Sanitation Supply Survey from Public Safety Canada Needs Assessment Survey

Farm Credit Canada response to COVID-19

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) information maintaining the integrity of the agri-food supply chain by supporting farmers.

Temporary wage subsidy program for eligible businesses that pay remuneration to employees.

Canadian Federation of Agriculture resources and links to further information.

Mental Health:

OFA statement on managing stress during COVID-19 outbreak and other useful resources.

Keeping everyone on your farm healthy.

Provincial Updates:

Ontario Ag Jobs Portal

OVMA has developed COVID-19 resources for veterinarians

Ontario Extending Validation Periods for Driver, Vehicle and Carrier Products, Services and Health Cards

Employment Standards Amendment Act (Infectious Disease Emergencies) 2020

List of Essential Workplaces

Safeguarding the Ontario Chicken Industry against COVID-19 (CFO & OBHECC)  COVID-19_JOINT INDUSTRY COMMUNICATION_FINAL_MARCH 27_2020

Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association Fruit & Veg Growers COVID messaging for workers ENG

Fruit & Veg Grower Communication for COVID-19