Business Continuity 

An essential part of keeping your business running smoothly during a pandemic or other human health crisis is following public health guidelines around physical distancing, maintaining diligence related to health and safety practises, and overall, reducing your need for in person contact.


Business Continuity

Keeping the business moving forward starts with a plan. Especially now as we are moving into a third wave as of March 2021, business continuity and contingency planning should be a priority. AllTech has developed a robust resource to expedite your planning, starting with the following "Business Continuity Checklist".

Click here for an overview of who does what: business-critical activities, hygiene, inventory management, work from home plans, and more.



COVID Alert App

COVID Alert is Canada's free COVID-19 exposure notification app. It can alert you to possible exposures before you have symptoms.  Visit the Government of Canada's Publich Health and Safty information page for the benefits and use of the app.



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Multilingual COVID-19 Resources

Public health Ontario has created resources to explain various COVID-19 terms and behaviours to the general public. They are available in over 20 languages.


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Mental Health Resourses

Need help?  Connect with a support worker here.

Resources, crisis lines and other national websites to help you locate resources in your area.


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Remote Working Tools

Working in a remote situation when getting an audit done or having team meetings is made easier by understanding the virtual work tools readily available. If internet connectivity is a challenge, some even offer dial in options to help you tune in without worrying about your internet.  View  the "Remote Work Tools - Helping you Work Virtually"