Keeping Workers Safe from COVID

It is critical that we remain vigilant as restrictions are eased and people begin gathering in groups and returning to more normal life.

Poultry businesses are well trained at biosecurity, and we need to continue to instill a vigilance mindset into our teams to ensure we limit further impact on the poultry worker community from COVID-19.

The following resources offer insights and ideas that came directly from surveying and interviewing the Ontario poultry sector.  They are a collection of the best ideas, but are by no means an exhaustive list.

Check with local public guidelines to ensure your approach to a COVID-19 safe workplace is accurate.



Aranet's medical thermometer is a wireless, clinical-grade human body thermometer for safe remote monitoring of  COVID-19. The sensor performs highly accurate measurements and has a flexible setup.

Aranet monitoring solutions.




Arrowsight's offers hybrid remote video auditing and AI solutions. The Scout is small enough to be worn by a producer while walking the barn, allowing auditors remote access to barn live video feeds. 

Arrowsight Sentinel