PIC is committed to managing education, extension opportunities and events for Ontario’s poultry sector. 

For Certified Auditors, please note that PIC’s education and extension sessions are on the list of approved conferences for those interested in maintaining their PAACO Poultry Welfare Auditor certification. Any hours accumulated attending these sessions can be utilized as continuing education credits to maintain your PAACO Auditor status.

The following is a list of PIC’s ongoing education, extension and events that are planned for the upcoming year. Click on the Links to the event web page for further details.

PIC reserves the right to deny registration to any party not affiliated with the PIC.

Tentative Schedule for PIC's Education and Events

Education / Events 2022 - 2023



Science in the Pub - Guelph In-Person 23-Jan-23
Producer Update - Jordan In-Person 1-Feb-23
National Poultry Show - London In-Person 8-9 Feb-23
Producer Update - Mount Brydges In-Person 15-Feb-23
Producer Update - Webinar Virtual 22-Feb-23
Raising Back Yard Chickens - Webinar Virtual 25-Mar-23
Ag Advisor's Day - Elora  In-Person 4-Apr-23
Research Impacts Day - Elora & Webinar Hybrid 17-May-23
Poultry Health Day -Stratford In-Person 28-Jun-23
Golf Tournament - Baden In-Person 6-Sept-23
Science in the Pub - Guelph In-Person 25-Sept-23
PIC's AGM - Elora & Webinar Hybrid 26-Oct-23
PIC's Innovation Conference - TBA Hybrid Evening Nov 14, full day Nov 15, 2023

Dates & Locations Tentative : Due to the changing nature of health restrictions and gathering limits and HPAI .

Ag Advisor's Day

A day for professional poultry farm advisors to learn!  New Date April 4th, 2023   Registration is now open for Ag Advisors Day being held at the Grandway Events Centre, 7445 Wellington County Rd 21, Elora, ON N0B 1S0.   Registration fee for members is $95.00 and $125.00 for non-members. Net working begins at 9:30 am with a session start of 10:00 am,...

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Human Resource Session

Human Resources Solutions   Human resource management has become an increasingly important topic to farm managers and particularly those working in the poultry sector.   On an as-needed basis, PIC can host and organize a human resources-focused event tailored to our sector's specific needs. Assessment tools & resources   Advice you can apply to your work   Strategies and stories from experts   According...

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Poultry Health Day

Hold the Date, next year's Health Day is being held on June, 28, 2023, in Stratford, Ontario.   Highlights of our Poultry Health Day on July 20, 2022   Thank you to all our presenters, attendees and sponsors.  Poultry Health Day featured best practices in keeping flocks healthy while managing diseases. This educational session helped attendees understand how to optimize performance...

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Poultry Innovations Conference

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Poultry Pro

Poultry Pro & New! Poultry Pro Plus!   Poultry Pro Course Content updated June 2021. Poultry Pro is an introductory online course offered by the Poultry Industry Council.  This course was developed in response to a need identified by industry stakeholders for a relevant and comprehensive training opportunity applicable to the entire sector. Previously, no such industry-wide opportunity was available....

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Poultry Welfare Auditor Course (PAACO)

Poultry Welfare Auditor Course (PAACO) Edmonton, Alberta 2022 We were proud to deliver the training to 29 future auditors. The program covered Broilers, Turkeys, Layers and Ducks. We congratulate all attendees and thank the facilitators too! Following the successful completion of training and passing the final exam, attendees are still required to complete two (2) full shadow audits to get their...

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Producer Updates Series

Registration is open for our February 15th in-person Producer Update in Mount Brydges and our virtual session on February 22nd..    Producer Updates are a day to bring producers together to learn through sharing.  New barn builds and expansion plans explained by the producer who got it done! Subject matter experts are here to answer questions on everything from animal...

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Research Impacts

  Research Impacts Day has been scheduled for May 17th, 2023. This Hybrid event will be held in-person at the Grandway in Elora, Ontario and via Zoom. Research impacts the whole food chain from feed and farm production, to the final product placement on a shelf.  Highlighting the ways our industry is staying at the forefront of production by implementing all...

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Science in the Pub

  Thank you to everyone who attended our Science in the Pub on January 23rd, 2023.    It was wonderful to be back at the Shakespeare Arms in Guelph for this event where we discussed the pro's and con's of bedding types.  We featured speakers that are very familiar with peat moss bedding, a straw pellet bedding as well as...

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Raising Backyard Chickens

Registration is now open for PIC's Webinar ~ Raising Backyard Chickens on Saturday, March 25, 2023   This live webinar session will run from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday March 25th and will cost $35.00.  All attendees must pre-register using the online link below. The session will be recorded, and all registrants will be provided access to the recording post...

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