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Poultry Innovations Conference

PIC’s next Innovations Conference will take place November 2019.  The event line-up and venue will be finalized by late summer 2019.  Please refer back to this page for details and registration August 2019.

A special thank you to all of our presenters, attendees and sponsors of our November 2017 event!

Below is the 2017 agenda, should you wish more information on a specific topic, please contact PIC at pic@poultryindustrycouncil.ca

Future Trends Driving Innovation and Processes: where are we headed?Paul Uys, University of Guelph’s Food Institute

The Implications of Slower-Growing Genetics: is this the future? – Dr. Tatijana Fischer, Once Inc. 

Federal Policy Changes Driving InnovationsDr. Richard Arsenault, CFIA

Antimicrobial Reduction: alternative products, how they work and how to manage themLisa Hodgins, New Life Mills

Vaccines for Bronchitis: understanding the rules and regulations for new medicinal productsDr. Elise Myers, Merck Animal Health

Benefits of analyzing, utilizing and sharing big data – Karl Bissonnette, agr. LaCoop Fédérée 

Innovative Barn Management: health, quality and energy efficiency in today’s landscapePaul Leatherbarrow, Clark’s Poultry

Carbon credits, Energy and Hydro changes affecting the farmDon McCabe, OFA

Time Broiler Turkey Layer
2:15 – 2:55 Lighting changes in the Code of Practice for broilers – Why were these changes made (physiology, intensity, welfare, etc.) – Dr. Karen Schwean-Lardner, University of Saskatchewan Innovations in turkey brooding – Charlie Kostal & Denny Vidakovic, Hybrid  Gut Health: Nutritional approaches and how they affect the health of your flock – Dr. Elijah Kiarie, University of Guelph
3:05 – 3:40 Poultry products: where is the market of tomorrow heading? – Chris Sims, University of Arkansas Innovations in turkey vaccines. – Dr. Roberto Soares, Ceva  Immediate implications of the Updated Code of Practice for Laying Hens – Dr. Mike Petrik, McKinley Hatchery
3:50 – 4:30 Gut Health: Nutritional approaches and how they affect the health of your flock – Dr. Elijah Kiarie, University of Guelph Lighting for turkeys, is a turkey a broiler? Different response in turkeys vs. broilers – Dr. Karen Schwean-Lardner, University of Saskatchewan 10 minute update: Egg sexing technology – Harry Pelissero, Egg Farmers of Ontario

Factors Influencing Locomotion Abilities and Aviary Space Use of Laying Hens – Dr. Alexandra Harlander, University of Guelph


Full house at the Double Tree in London with 167 participants.

Lisa Hodgins from New Life Mills discussing alternative products for RWA production during the morning session

Dr. Elijah Kiarie speaking about gut health in meat birds with the afternoon broiler group

Group shot of the Poultry Science team from the Animal Biosciences department at the University of Guelph