Human Resources Solutions

Human resource management has become an increasingly important topic to farm managers and particularly those working in the poultry sector.


On an as-needed basis, PIC can host and organize a human resources-focused event tailored to our sector's specific needs.

  • Assessment tools & resources  
  • Advice you can apply to your work  
  • Strategies and stories from experts  

According to a 2016 report from CAHRC, Canadian trends related to the poultry and egg sector indicate that “the gap between the industry’s workforce needs and the number of available domestic workers will widen, with 2,400 jobs predicted to go unfilled by 2029.”   In 2025 the prediction is that around 750 jobs will be vacant in Ontario alone.  

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Sample Agenda:

Are you HR ready? Assesment Tools you may Need
Interview Questions to find the staff you NEED
Employee Engagement and Retention Techniques
Employer of Choice in Poultry & How to be One