PIC's Human Resources Webinar 

March 10, 2021

This educational event is intended for business owners, operators and HR personel.  The session provides a focused seminar on human resources, best practices in agriculture and explores key issues for the poultry industry. 
Learn techniques on how to create the correct culture for employees, proper recruiting and how to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment process with a number of HR and legal issues will be covered. 

We will keep you updated about this event as well as others with our latest news and e-blast.  Look for details on speakers, agenda and registration late January 2021. Sponsorship opportunities are listed below.

Pictured below a few of our presenters at our 2019 live event. 



Limited Marketing Opportunities for 4 Sponsors





Event Includes corporate logo on webpage, latest news post and event webinar registration form. A corporate advertisement will be included in the webinar slide deck, the opportunity to include a hand out for the participants, and a verbal thank you during the webinar $1,000.00
Executive Supporter

Executive Supporters get top exposure: Includes the above with your corporate logo included on all e-blast and newsletters advertising the event. The branding of a break out room and the opportunity to provide an activation point for attendees.


For our members who represent smaller sized companies, we have a limited number of other sponsorship packages available, please contact us directly for details.