Innovations 2023 


Save the date! Agenda and speakers coming soon!

This year's Innovations Conference will focus on interesting ways that collaborations have led to new innovations in the poultry sector.  The conference will be held in Guelph, Ontario.

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As we move out of the pandemic and into a new phase of programs, PIC took pause to think about what made our work successful through three years of challenging times.

With this in mind, we decided to focus this year’s biennial poultry innovations conference on COLLABORATIONS, or at least use that concept as a launch point to explore innovations from across the supply chain that led to global movements or trends, incremental use of new technologies or ideas, and bring to the stage people who have successfully collaborated to innovate positive impacts in the poultry industry.

Different forms of collaboration exist such as networking, coordination, and cooperation, with proper collaboration being the most intense form of working closely together.

Collaboration is about bringing people together to share their skills and experience. Together we can strategically address issues by sharing resources to create sustainable solutions. This becomes our pathway to innovation and working as a whole team we can instill sustainability along the supply chain.

When we partner to help leverage the best in all of us, we unite and bring the sector into a stronger position.

There are examples of cooperation, coordination and collaboration that result from networking to elevate our sector. During this conference we want to highlight the successes that spurred from collaboration and aim to build strong relationships that spark innovation with those around you.

Join us for a conference that will bring

  • thought provoking learning
  • networking for sustainable partnerships
  • small breakout sessions full of meaningful exchanges

Registration open soon!

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