2023 Topics & Speakers


Panel Discussion: Collaboration Fosters Innovation

Valerie Carney & Brenda Reimer of Poultry Innovation Partnership.


Martin Enderink, In OVO

Cracking the code: why gender typing holds great value for the egg chain.

Martin Enderink, Global Sales Director, In OVO

Understanding Housing Environments in Commercial Egg Production

Benjamin Alig, North Carolina State University 

Growing Through Partnership to Innovate

David Speller, Optifarm

Innovative Selection Methods to Drive Product Performance

Owen Willems, Hendrix Genetics

Innovate to Elevate: The Power of Collaboration and Partnership

Brenda Reimer, Poultry Innovations Partnership

Pre-Hatch Sexing: Equipment & Discussion

Martin Enderink, In OVO

Collaboration Leads to Innovation

Dr. Kayla Price, Alltech

Data Tells the Story

David Speller, OptiFarms

Evolving Broiler Genetics

Valerie Carney, Poultry Innovation Partnership

Commercial Housing for Layers

Benjamin Alig, North Carolina State University

How Collaboration in Research and Disease Response Can Help Protect You From HPAI