Marketing Opportunities Available  

All sponsors can bring a pop up banner, and/or set up a display table. An activation point can be included. Contact for details. 

Description Cost

Event Level Sponsor: 

Pre-Event and Day of Recognition: Pre-event: Corporate logo on PIC's event-specific webpage, and on our registration page. Receive recognition at the event; advertise Corporate logo/ advertisement on looped slide deck/video.  A 1/4 page advertisement space will be included in PIC's print materials for the event, along with verbal acknowledgment. 


Executive Supporter: 

Pre-Event, Day of and Post Recognition. The package includes previous levels of marketing. Pre-event: Creating communications materials that include your corporate branding. This includes logo (thumbnail, crowdsource style) on PIC’s webpage for the session, a latest news post on PIC’s website, registration page, event calendar, e-invites and monthly newsletters to PIC’s distribution list advertising the session. Sponsorship mentioned on social media, Twitter and Facebook. During the event: Branding of opener and break slides with logo's and advertisements. Branding and full-page advertisement on print material. Pop up banner beside presentation stage. Post-event: Supplemental materials (handouts etc.) hosted for future participant use on webpage. Possibility of presentations conversion to a podcast, which would include branding. Thank you on PIC’s website and social media.


Thank you to current Event Level Sponsors:

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