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Poultry Pro

Course Content updated June 2021.

Poultry Pro is an introductory online course offered by the Poultry Industry Council.  This course was developed in response to a need identified by industry stakeholders for a relevant and comprehensive training opportunity applicable to the entire sector. Previously, no such industry-wide opportunity was available. Each module covers a wide variety of sub-topics and delivers a curriculum that was developed with industry representatives and subject matter experts.

The target audience of the course includes new farm workers, new industry employees, and new graduates hoping to work in the poultry industry.

Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Implement various disease prevention techniques
  • Identify tools for disease management
  • Find resources for successful breeder management
  • Distinguish appropriate practices for hatcheries
  • Discover best livestock management practices
  • Assess barn production
  • Distinguish best practices for feed management
  • Identify water management practices

Registration Fee:

$203.40 (includes HST)

NEW! Poultry Pro Plus

Prerequisite: Poultry Pro

If you have already completed Poultry Pro you might want to expand your knowledge with Poultry Pro Plus - a new online course offered by the Poultry Industry Council.

Your needs as someone working in the poultry industry are changing and the Poultry Industry Council has worked hard to make sure Poultry Pro has your back!  This new course has three additional modules covering the following important topics: transportation, managing the birds' environment and animal welfare, from a Codes of Practice perspective.

If you are seeking in-depth livestock transport training please check out the Canadian Livestock Transport Certification program or peruse the Poultry Handling and Transportation Manual

The target audience of the course includes participants who have already completed the Poultry Pro online course.

Course Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Ensure animal welfare of poultry throughout their lifecycle
  • Manage the bird's environment for maximum productivity and comfort
  • Understand the process for transporting birds safely, efficiently, and humanely

Registration Fee:

$67.45 (includes HST)

If you registered for Poultry Pro after May 31, 2019, you will be automatically registered for Poultry Pro plus by June 15th, 2021.  If you log in and do not see Poultry Pro in your enrolments email capthorp@uoguelph.ca.