The Course

In order to successfully complete each module, participants take a test and a minimum score is required to pass and move on to the next module. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the entire course.

It will take participants between 10 to 25 hours to complete the four modules. Since the target audience consists of a few different types of participants who will have varying needs and backgrounds, the program was designed to offer flexibility when it comes to learning. There is critical information that everyone must know which makes up the basis of the course, and there is also a great deal of “good to know or “extra resource” material that participants can access and spend more or less time on, depending on their background and training needs.

PoultryPro is being delivered through a partnership with the Business Development Centre at the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus. This group was chosen as they already deliver other online courses, and thus have the required infrastructure and IT resources in place. Ridgetown also has a staff team experienced in online course delivery and transferring adult education materials into e-learning formats.