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Our planning has begun for our 2022-2023 Producer Update Series. 


Producer updates are a time of bringing producers together to learn through sharing. 

New barn builds, and expansion plans explained by the producer who got it done! Subject matter experts who are there to answer questions on everything from animal husbandry to the grants you can use to optimize your operation. We are giving you front row access to our provincial poultry veterinarian and poultry specialist. Whether you are new to the business or trying to expand your knowledge base this event will bring you together to learn from experts and one another.

The Producer Updates are made possible through generous sponsorship's provided by many poultry industry stakeholders.

Agenda, registration, sponsorship and general information will be made available fall 2022.

Tentative Schedule:

Producer Update - Webinar Virtual 16-Nov-22
Producer Update - Brodhagen In-Person 7-Dec-22
Producer Update - Jordan In-Person 1-Feb-23
Producer Update - Mount Brydges In-Person 15-Feb-23
Producer Update - Webinar Virtual 22-Feb-23


Thank you for everyone who joined us for our winter 2021-2022 virtual Producer Updates. Producer updates are a time to get together and learn firsthand what’s going on in your industry.   

Whether you are new to the business or trying to expand your knowledge base, these events will help you learn from experts and one another.  As policy changes and businesses head through transitions and growth, make sure you attend one of these sessions next winter to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Thank you to our 2022 Premium Supporters:

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