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Raising Backyard Chickens on Saturday, March 25, 2023


This live webinar session will run from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday March 25th and will cost $35.00.  All attendees must pre-register using the online link below. The session will be recorded, and all registrants will be provided access to the recording post event.

The trend of raising backyard chickens is growing. People are becoming more interested in where their food comes from, and want to ensure access to quality eggs and chicken, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Does urban farming appeal to you now more than ever?  Wonder what it takes to have a small backyard flock?  Looking for a steady supply of fresh, local eggs?  

Many municipalities in Canada approve the growing of chickens however many have questions about welfare, environment, winter management, manure management, and maintaining good health of their birds.

The Poultry Industry Council’s webinar along with Al Dam, OMAFRA’s Poultry Specialist, addressed these questions, as well as covering the basics of chick care, egg quality, feed and nutrition, and disease management. 

  • Troubleshoot
  • Learn about useful equipment
  • Ensure animal welfare and biosecurity 

Registrants will be sent resource materials, instructions to login and a copy of the presentation from our Raising Backyard Chickens course.

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Please refer to your municipality By-laws for more information on regulations regarding raising back yard chickens.

Here is what a few of the participants of our Backyard Basics course had to say:

  • So many incredible resources! Great analogies and simplified concepts. A thorough but digestible amount of information.
  • Great information for small flocks
  • Well focused on bird health & welfare
  • Lecturers were engaging and well-informed. Lots of excellent take-home materials!