Tentative Agenda for Research Impacts Day ~ August 10, 2022
 10:00 a.m.



The Importance of Research, and Getting it into Practice

Mike McMorris, LRIC


Implications, Challenges, and Opportunities for Mandated Restrictions on the use of Medically important Antibiotics in Broiler Chicken

Dr. Lisa Hodgins, New Life Mills


Natural Solution to help manage Enteric and other Heath Challenges

Luis Gomez, Phibro Animal Health

Cranberry is good for the Poultry Gut!

Dr. Moussa Diarra, CFIA

Attenuated Coccidiosis Vaccine plus Feed Additives in Broilers Challenged with Necrotic Enteritis

Dr. Carol Jakel, Hipra Animal Health

Don’t be snappy, be happy Preventing feather pecking in chickens using Probiotic bacteria

Dr. Claire Mindus, virtual presentation



Cytophage – Targeted Bacteria Killing Phages

Dr. Steven Theriault 

The effect of feeding flaxseed to breeder hens on offspring behaviour, health and welfare

Rosemary Whittle, University of Guelph


Vencomatic Group X Treck Mundo

Tom Randall, Vencomatic Group

  Postbiotics Strengthen the Immune Systems Dr. David Kenyon, Diamond V
 3:00 p.m. Wrap Up & Closing  Ashley Honsberger, PIC