Thank you to everyone who attended our Science in the Pub on January 23rd, 2023. 


It was wonderful to be back at the Shakespeare Arms in Guelph for this event where we discussed the pro's and con's of bedding types.  We featured speakers that are very familiar with peat moss bedding, a straw pellet bedding as well as more traditional shavings type.  Conversations explored a variety of implications for bedding types including production impacts, environmental impacts, and animal welfare considerations.

Participants of Science in the Pub are free to share their experiences and ideas in a collaborative and open forum, to learn things from colleagues, and ask questions they have been sitting on for some time.  

We really appreciate the speakers putting their ideas forward and sharing their knowledge and insights with the crowd.  Thank you to Christoph Wand of OMAFRA, Ryan Kuntze of Naturesorb and Sara Minler of The Straw Boss.