Our third and final session will be held on

Monday, January 25, 2021 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

Join us for this interactive webinar with great discussions, debates, chat rooms and loads of fun.

Our first session “Hands off my Bird: Robotic and Poultry Production” was held on September 21 and featured live from Spain Heiner Lehr, CEO of Faromatics and from Georgia Tech Research Institute, Colin Usher.

The second session "Flocking Good Diet" was held on November 30th and featured James Alden of Oreka Solutions, Amy Johnston from Manitoba Agriculture and Al Dam from OMAFRA.

Our 3rd Session Animal Welfare Innovations

Can we truly tell what our birds are feeling? Do we judge it by healthy weight gains, or activity levels? Is it a combination of behaviour and activity? When it comes to animal welfare, what does the science say, and what is your experience?  

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Georgia Mason, University of Guelph Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare.  She is a is a behavioural biologist who studies how animals adapt to captive housing conditions (or fail to), especially conditions that meet their physiological needs but are too small or monotonous to allow natural behaviour. She is also interested in the validation of animal welfare indicators.

When it comes to animal welfare, what does the science say, and what is your experience? Join in the lively conversation!

Cost $20.00 for the session, students $10.00.



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