At the PIC's Annual General on October 27, 2022 meeting Bill Van Heeswyk of Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg and Chick Commission (OBHECC) did not seek re-appointment to PIC's Board of Directors.  Chair, Ed Verkley, thanked Bill for his dedication and commitment to the PIC board. Samantha Haverkamp became the new Feather Board appointee for OBHECC's on PIC's Board of Director's.

Two directors, Marg Pritchard representing Poultry Service Association and Laura Bowers representing Burnbrae Farms, opted to renew their terms and were elected onto the board as well.

At PIC's subscuent Board of Director's meeting long standing Chair of the board Ed Verkley of Verkley Enterprises stepped down to become Past Chair, and the board was pleased to elect Caroline Gonano into the position. Caroline is the Associate Manager – Technical Affairs, Science & Regulation for Turkey Farmers of Canada and has been with the PIC board for four years. Greg Lansink, from Turkey Farmers of Ontario was re-elected as Vice Chair, and Cathy Lennon, OFA continues to serve as Treasurer. 

PIC's Annual Report and Executive Directors address can be found below. 

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