Agenda Day 2





10:00 am



10:05 am

Key Note: Equipment to Asses Animal Welfare: David Speller, CEO/ Founder of Applied a Poultry Farming & Consultancy  on pride

11:00 am

Exhibitor Highlight: 8 Tips to Managing your Aviary with Erika Blair, Aviary Systems Specialist and Colton Hill, Aviary Systems Specialist, Big Dutchman

 bid dutchman

11:15 am

Exhibitor Highlight: Converting from conventional hen housing to enriched formats, with Harold Meadows and Shawn MacDonald, Technical Sales Reps with Clark Ag Systems


11:30 am

Exhibitor Highlight: New Versillum LED Light Dimmer


11:45 am

Wrap Up


12:00 - 1:00 pm

Lunch Break


1:00 pm

Key Note: Innovation: Aidan Connolly, President of AgriTech Capital and CEO of Cainthus


2:00 pm

Exhibitor Highlight: Your Health Innovation Update with Dr. Kirsten De Keyser, Technical Service Canada, Huvepharma


2:15 pm

Exhibitor Highlight: Enriching your flock's life, one peck at a time with Dr. Kayla Price, Canadian Poultry Technical Manager, Alltech


2:30 pm

Exhibitor Highlight: New EthoFarm Technology with Mark Beaven, Owner, EthoGuard


2:45 pm

Wrap up & competition winners


3:00 pm

Event End – Content will be made available on demand for 60 days. Please note Aidan Connolly's presentation will be live only.