Become a Member in 2020

There are many benefits to belonging to the Poultry Industry Council (PIC). Membership is a great way to have your voice heard, to be part of an organization that unites and provides a forum for the poultry industry. As a member you can participate in an important industry organization, you can actively contribute to actions that address essential industry wide challenges, capitalize on valuable networking opportunities, receive industry information, and attend continuing education and extension events. Membership allows you to be among those who facilitate and drive positive change within the poultry sector.

Membership puts you at the forefront of the Ontario poultry industry. Your investment is very important to the growth and excellence of our poultry industry. Strong  educational and extension programs are vital to both animal and human health and well-being. Your contribution plays a significant role in our continued success. Find registration links and forms at the end of this page.

Individual Members

Producers or other individuals who join for the fee of $150.00 per year receive full voting rights, updates, discounted registration rates (one delegate) at PIC events and education seminars, the annual report and other communications from PIC.

Corporate Members

Industry suppliers, processors and other organizations in the industry who join for $400.00 per year enjoy the same benefits as above plus early notification regarding sponsorship opportunities, six free PIC boardroom rentals per year, a link to your corporate website on the PIC’s members web-page and corporate recognition in member listings.

Sponsorship Program Marketing Opportunity for 2020

PIC has developed a format that allows sponsors to pick and choose what extension, education and events they wish to sponsor and the level of sponsorship for each.  Specific education, extension and events have marketing opportunities and value at every level.  Overall sponsorship from each specific event will be added together to determine your annual total sponsorship marketing opportunities. For full sponsorship details Click Here.

Click here to register / sponsor on line.

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