HR Day – May 29, 20192018-11-21T19:47:05+00:00

Human Resource Day is an educational event intended for business owners, operators and HR personnel.

The session aims to educate participants on best practices to protect their business from the pressure of special interest groups, become more effective managers and understand legal rights as peoples in upper management positions.  Our next event will take place May 29, 2019 in Guelph, Ontario.  Look here for details early 2019.

The May 2018 Agenda topics were:

  • Monitoring Animal Activist Groups – Provincial Officers’ Perspectives
  • Staff Training & Management: promoting animal welfare and screening for undercover activism
  • Protesters at you Door – What are your Legal Rights?
  • Hiring Practices / Monitoring Staff at Work – How does the Law Apply?
  • Key Messages and Speaking Points when discussing Agriculture Animal Welfare
  • Animal Enterprise Protection Act: a success story
  • Canada’s Attitudes toward Farm Animal Welfare

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