2022 Membership / Sponsorship Campaign Now Open

October 20, 2021

This past year Poultry Industry Council (PIC) and the poultry industry faced an unprecedented situation that continues to affect us all, causing us to retool and rethink how we do business.  

Ours is a sector that thrives on new information and knowledge, and PIC continues to be proactive in supporting our members, partners, and the industry in giving access to important resources and staying connected through virtual events during these challenging times.

There are many benefits to belonging to PIC. Membership is a great way to have your voice heard, and be part of an organization that unites and provides a forum for the poultry industry. Membership allows you to be among those who facilitate and drive positive change within the poultry sector.

Your investment is very important to the growth and excellence of our poultry industry. Strong educational and extension programs are vital to both animal and human health and well-being. Your membership and sponsorship commitment play a significant role in our continued success.

Individual Members

Producers or other individuals who join at the fee of $175.00 per year receive full voting rights, updates, discounted registration rates (one delegate) at all PIC events and education seminars, the annual report and other communications from PIC.

Corporate Members

Industry suppliers, processors and other organizations in the industry who join for $475.00 per year enjoy the same benefits as above with a registration discount applied to all company employees.  Also includes a link to your corporate website on PIC’s member’s webpage and corporate recognition in member listings.

Sponsorship Opportunities ~ 2022

Pick and choose what extension, education and events you wish to sponsor and the level of sponsorship for each. Every sponsor is eligible to provide/create an activation point for the event they sponsored. This could be for an in-person event, a pop-up table, a door prize, a swag item for each attendee to list just a few ideas. For our online events, this could be contributing to a contest giveaway or maybe awarding a game-winner. Talk to PIC staff and create something unique that fits your corporate vision.

We are currently taking sponsorship for our Producer Update series, Science in the Pub, Health Day, Research Impacts and our Golf Tournament.  Review our Education and Events tabs for the latest details for these and other upcoming events.  Specific event sponsorship details and marketing opportunities can be found by accessing the link below.

To read more about how to become a member/sponsor in 2022, click here.