Poultry Health Webinar - June 17, 2021

April 13, 2021

Poultry Health Webinar ~ June 17, 2021.

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This summer’Poultry Health webinar is looking at current trends and how working together in the supply chain can optimize health outcomes in our flocks 

Our webinars and learning seminars are designed to keep you in the loop. This year will be no exception! 

Registration is now open, see link below. The session runs 9:30 - 12:30 and costs $35.00 for Members and $55.00 for Non-Members. 

Join us to learn more about… 

Gut health: Dr. Greg Mathis of SOuthern Poutlry Research shares his findings as we move towards farming in the future with alternatives to Category III antibiotic use in poultry production. As we approach the phasing out of these products how will we manage differently? 

Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT) outbreaks in Ontario: Where was the spread during the timeline? What did it look like in the barns? How do vaccines build immunity, and what is their efficacy? Hear from experts involved in this field.  

Alternative Housing for Layers: Dr. Cynthia Schuck-Paim, a scientific director and co-founder of Origem Scientifica in Belgium will share her research outlining data from 16 countries and 6,040 commercial flocks showing how cage-free egg-laying mortality declines over time. The sample included enriched, free-range, and everything in between.  

Off-label use of Drugs: Ron Johnson from the University of Guelph will share his experience about the Canadian gFARAD Resource and how the poultry veterinarians involved with extra-label use of drugs for food animals now have an improved – and vitally important – e-resource available to them.  

The session will also provide breakout rooms that will allow you access to a team of health care and nutritional experts.

Look for full details on topics, speakers, and agenda coming soon.

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