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Bayer Environmental Science

We support the farmers around the world, so they can continue to grow enough food, more sustainably and more reliably. The pandemic has revealed and focused attention on the vulnerabilities in our supply chains, with farmers forced to destroy crops even as lines at food banks grew. We need to strengthen the food chain from end-to-end. We’re pioneering innovations in plant breeding and digital tools that enable farmers to generate better harvests using less resources. And we’re supporting collaboration across the supply chain, from farmers to retailers, to eliminate food waste and increase flexibility. So that more of a farmer’s harvest reaches our shelves, and more people around the world can put food on the table. Realizing our vision will demand all our scientific expertise and a capacity to innovate that extends even beyond our four walls. But most of all, it will take the passion, commitment and ingenuity of our 100,000 people across the globe.