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Jamesway Chick Master Incubator Co

TWO DISTINCT BRANDS. ONE POWERFUL COMPANY JAMESWAY and CHICK MASTER Incubator Companies TBG, the parent company of Chick Master, Jamesway and Petersime, has been active in the poultry industry since 1982. With other businesses in the food and poultry sector, including Moba, TBG holds a strategy of creating long-term value by establishing leadership in various B2B market segments. Considering poultry equipment as an attractive market segment for sustainable, long-term growth, TBG is committed to further invest in the business to provide the world-wide customer base of Chick Master, Jamesway and Petersime with high quality hatchery solutions and unequalled service levels. Acquiring the shares of Chick Master Incubator Company in 2018, has been an important milestone in the development of the Hatchery Division of TBG. After having dedicated the last two years to reinforcing the sales and service teams at both Jamesway and Chick Master, we are now ready to set the next step in the Hatchery Division’s development.