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Manitoba Egg Farmers

Manitoba Egg Farmers (MEF) represents 170 regulated egg and pullet farmers in Manitoba. MEF is an independent organization, funded entirely by egg and pullet farmers. Egg farmers are the primary caregivers of their hens that produce about 70 million dozen eggs in Manitoba each year. On average, each egg farm has about 15,000 laying hens which lay approximately 380,000 dozen eggs each year. There are approximately 2.6 million layers in the province of Manitoba, which represents almost 10% of the market share in Canada. In addition to providing Manitobans with an abundance of nutritious, locally produced eggs, about 45% of egg production in our province is processed into dry and liquid products and shipped all over the world. The Manitoba Egg Industry contributes 115 million dollars annually to the provincial economy, and is essential to the security and well-being of the province. Egg farmers have responded to the growing needs of the marketplace by providing a wide range of eggs for Manitobans to choose from. Some eggs are nutritionally enhanced like omega-3 eggs, and others are vitamin enhanced. Egg farmers raise their hens in a variety of different housing systems including conventional and enriched housing, free-run in a barn, and free-range with access to the outdoors (weather permitting).