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457 Campbell St. PO Box 190
Lucknow, Ontario N0G 2H0


Protekta Inc

Protekta is a privately owned corporation located in Lucknow, Ontario. Morten Jakobsen established the company in 2003 when he moved to Canada from Denmark. In the following years to come, Protekta has built a close relationship with producers across North America. The company imports and distributes a specially selected group of products for the animal production industry. “The majority of our products are based/built on the belief that preventing is much better than treating, notably because prevention causes less stress on the animals and the farmer, while also yielding a higher return at the end of the day. Behind each of our products is a strong team of representatives that are ready to provide service and support in your daily operation.” Contact us to purchase your PeckStone and Stalosan F. Pecksone - an occupation mineral block for poultry. This new concept is placed in poultry flocks to help prevent feather pecking and to calm the birds. Ensures - An active pre-occupation of the animals through wear of the PECKStone. Enables - the bird’s natural behaviour during the search for food and consumption. Promotes - activity and mobility of the birds. Stalosan F. - is a unique way to improve sanitation standards in animal and bird housing, and living areas, reducing the disease level and increasing both living conditions and feed conversion rate. Biosecurity - recognized Biosecurity product. It’s powerful capability of suppressing pathogens is a vital asset. Safe to use - Effective and safe, Stalosan F. is approved for use when livestock and handlers are present. Economical dosage rate - The product is administered at a rate of 50g/? by using a blower, a spreader or by hand for smaller areas.