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Investments into technology on your farm is more than just purchasing the newest and latest things available. Technology can be the solution to a variety of on-farm challenges including enhancing biosecurity for animals and humans, reducing the need for labour, reducing labour-intensive work, and more.

Technology can also enhance processes and eliminate waste in the form of resources, loss through inefficiency, and time.  Measuring and improving these can improve the bottom line of your cost of production.

The following section provides an overview of how to consider and assess areas of improvement that could benefit from new technology.  There are lots of opportunities to invest in equipment that will allow you to reduce the need for labour and make work areas safer.

Why Technology?

Lean thinking - It is a philosophy of production that was originally used in the manufacturing sector but has been widely adopted to all facets of production which have repetitive production processes. Thinking lean is all about improving performance and eliminating loss and waste. 

Smart investments - Working with your technology and financial advisors are two good places to start before making an investment.  Implementing technology within your operation requires a plan and a clear idea of what the desired outcomes will be. To get started on assessing new technologies in your farm operation, refer to these resources.

Farm Credit Canada: Preparing your farm for technology 

Key performance indicators PDF 

Allow Businesses to Shift Away from Labour-Intensive Work Processes 


Glass Pac Inc. Distributor of Octopus

Octopus Poultry Safe aims to prevent risk and treat contaminations. It has been designed to poultry farms and litter.




The Poultry Hawk trolley system assists with dead stock removal by eliminating the need to carry buckets through the barn. Improves efficiency of culling.



Maximus Solutions

The egg flow optimizes the flow from the nest, or lay area, to the packing machine allowing for higher efficiency of the packing machine and reduced labour as if frees up the time usually spent on manually managing the flow.


venocomatic egg sorter

Vencomatic Group

Automatic Egg intake system loader for hatcheries. Feeds eggs from transport tray to setting machines and modules. Can be combined with candling, egg grading and UV disinfection.


Enable Greater Ability to Cohort Workers



The Agri-Alert system allows for tracking of staff and visitors entering property and farm.




The EthoTrac System allows for the GPS Tracking and Movement Alerts to prevent unauthorized use of your equipment.



Farm Health Guardian

Farm Health Guardian's biosecurity software platform helps you and your employees protect the health of your poultry.


Improve Air Circulation and Filtration in Enclosed Work Environments


Clark Ag System and Harkness Equipment distributors of Exacon

Exacon customizes customers’ needs and its innovative approach to cooling, heating, ventilation and feeding systems is why Exacon has been around for 30+ years.


Chore time

County-Line distributor of Chore Time

Chore-Tronics controller monitors and controls feeding, drinking systems, environment, ventilation and data.



Pols Enterprises distributor of Dacs

The DACS ventilation system with air inlets mixes warm room air with incoming air and distributes this temperate oxygen rich air throughout the entire barn.


Establish Engineering or Process Controls that Alter Workplace Design and Workflows


cobb ap


Their flock management ap allows producers to manage flock production anywhere and at any time reducing barn entry.



Fancom - Distributor Glass-Pac Canada

Smart farming with iFarming integrates climate control, feed automation and biometrical systems, to monitor the condition of your livestock.