Poultry Industry Council’s education and extension activities were expanded and enhanced over the past year. Increasing our involvement with all stakeholders in the poultry industry and ensuring we are responsive to the industry’s true needs regarding education and extension is a key factor to PIC’s success, and will continue to be a top priority going forward.

The following are resources that are currently available from PIC.

Euthanasia Project Phase 1 – Timely Euthanasia of Compromised Chicks/Poults Poster

Euthanasia poster

In response to requests from industry, PIC produced an on-farm poster entitled “Timely Euthanasia of Compromised Chicks/Poults” to aid producers in identifying young birds that should be culled. This large colour poster is available in both English and French, and has been provided to all Ontario producers through our provincial marketing boards as well as our provincial industry partners. Requests from 10 organizations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and national organizations have also been fulfilled. Contact PIC for information on obtaining copies, or go to the Euthanasia page on this tab to download a copy in French or English.


Euthanasia Project Phase 2 – How to Euthanize Poultry Resource


PIC’s Practical Guidelines for On-Farm Euthanasia of Poultry manual is now completed and available to the poultry industry.  This resource identifies methods that are acceptable and unacceptable for each species, and provides step by step instruction on how to properly carry out each method.  Copies are available to download on the Euthanasia page of our website on this tab.



KTT Project: Development of Coccidiosis Management Education Tools  

PIC completed a Knowledge Translation & Transfer (KTT) Coccidiosis Management extension project in partnership with OMAFRA and the University of Guelph. The self-guided educational tools include a DVD and interactive website.  They have been distributed to poultry producers and service industry representatives across Canada, in an effort to educate producers on Coccidiosis and aid them in proactive Coccidiosis control management. Copies of the DVD are no longer available, however the interactive website can be accessed through Extra footage collected through this project has been  used to create short video clips. These were released  as a continuation of PIC’s “Video of the Month” series.

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Over the past year PIC has completed the development of PoultryPro, an online, modular “Poultry 101”training course. This online course features four modules focussing on Barn Management, Feed & Water Management, Breeder Management and Disease Management, each of which covers a curriculum developed in consultation with an industry advisory committee.  The target audience of PoultryPro is new farmers/farm workers, new industry employees and new graduates, and the course objective is to provide participants with an introduction and general understanding of important concepts within commercial poultry production in Canada.

PoultryPro is  be delivered through a partnership with Ridgetown College’s Business Development Center. Partnering with Ridgetown on the development and delivery of PoultryPro has allowed us to provide our stakeholders with access to a well-developed, poultry-specific training opportunity through a professional course delivery system with experienced support staff. This project was funded in part through Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of GF2 in Ontario.

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