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Modular Loading

Transition on the Ontario Broiler Chicken Farm to Modular Loading

Modular loading is a proven handling system for transporting birds from the farm to processing facilities.  It has already been successfully implemented in many jurisdictions within North America and around the world. Modular loading improves loading efficiency, bird welfare during handling and transport, meat quality and food safety. As well, pressure from consumers regarding animal welfare is driving the conversion to this new system. In order to implement this modular loading in Ontario, it is important to build or modify poultry operations to maximize its benefits. This Fact sheet explains how modular loading systems work and the physical requirements needed to use these modules.  OMAFRA will have a new fact sheet available early April 2020 which will include  Maxi Load mods.

OMAFRA New 2020 Fact Sheet Link

Chicken Farmers of Ontario Modular Loading FAQ’s Link