PIC Photo Library Access Page

To access the Photo Library page you will need to Log On to our Flickr account. Below is the user ID and password you will require for access.

User id: picphotoviewer@yahoo.com     Password: PICpho2018x

To log on Click here

The photos featured in these albums are for viewing purposes only. This is why they are water marked.
Record the album(s) and file name(s) of the photos you wish to receive and contact PIC at pic@poultryindustrycouncil.ca to receive high resolution copies

All photos are free for use by PIC members. Non-members please contact for pricing information.
If you did not find photos that you were looking for, please contact PIC and make recommendations for what you would like to see added to the library. The photo library is a living entity and we hope to continually grow our image albums.