News Release

The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) re-elected Edward Verkley as the chair to lead the organization at the October 26th Board meeting. Mr. Verkley has served as the chair for the last three years.  Charlie Elliott, from Masterfeeds was also elected as Vice Chair of the organization.

“I see the tremendous value that PIC plays within our industry”, stated Ed Verkley. “as the factors impacting the entire agri-food landscape continue to change, cooperation and collaboration have never been more important.”

PIC is lead through a twelve-person volunteer Board representing both producers and the poultry industry. The board consists of four feather board appointees: Brian Miller from Egg Farmers of Ontario, Greg Lansink from Turkey Farmers of Ontario, Brian Lewis from Chicken Farmers of Ontario and Bill Van Heeswyk from the Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg and Chick Commission. In addition, Colin Siren from Kyntec Canada; Mike Terpstra, Association of Ontario Chicken Processors; Prasanna Ranganathan from Poultry Services Association; Gary Fread from Fread and Associates; and Trish Botter from Farm Credit Canada

The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) is a non-profit corporation recognized by Revenue Canada as

having charitable status. PIC was officially formed in 1997, the result of a merger between the Ontario Poultry Council and the Poultry Industry Centre. The Poultry Industry Council will effectively deliver poultry extension services, event coordination, and project and program management while supporting research capacity for the betterment of the Ontario industry.