PIC and Executive Premium Sponsor Zoetis will be hosting Poultry Health Day on Thursday, June 15, 2017 in Stratford, Ontario.

PIC is excited to announce some new additions to our list of presenters for our annual Poultry Health Day! New speakers include:

Dr. Milos Markis – Reovirus
Dr. Markis received his PhD in Animal Science at the University of Delaware. He is the current Laboratory Manager at Aviserve LCC, a poultry laboratory and consulting service in the USA. Milos does research on poultry genetics, immunity and viral infections. He is an expert on reovirus and will be giving us an insightful presentation on how to combat the increasing incidence of the disease in flocks across Ontario.

Emily Lhamon – Avian Influenza in the USA / Coaching Growers and Team Members to Do the Right Thing
Emily is  the Poultry Extension Educator at Pennsylvania State University and is an expert in avian health, bio-security, broiler breeder and hatchery management. Emily’s passion is serving as a liaison to small flock owners and commercial industry partners to promote safe and healthy birds for all. She will be giving us two very different and dynamic speeches bound to stimulate a lot of very interesting discussion.

We are eager to announce that the agenda still includes:

Dr. John Smith – Evolving Poultry Production: Raised Without Antibiotics
Dr. Smith is the current Director of Health Services at Fieldale Farms (15th largest broiler producer in the USA), producing 3.2 million antibiotic free broilers per week . He will be giving his considerations and early experiences as a broiler vet dealing with birds raised without the use of antibiotics.

Melissa Wiseman – Working Together to Reduce Mycotoxin Risk to Poultry Performance
Melissa is a poultry and swine nutritionist at Wallenstein Feed Supply whose interests lie in the impact of diet on gut health and the microbiota. She will be giving us a presentation on the negative affects associated with mycotoxin ingestion in poultry performance and how the industry can prevent it.

Bronchitis Q & A

Dr. Mike Petrik will be our layer expert for the bronchitis Q&A session and our morning MC. Mike is the Director of Technical Services for McKinley Hatchery and a poultry industry spokesman, advocate and technical expert.

Dr. Shahbaz Haq will be our broiler expert for the bronchitis Q&A session. Shahbaz is the lead veterinarian at Lakeside Poultry Veterinary Services.

Dr. Kathleen Long will be our broiler breeder expert for the bronchitis Q&A session. Kathleen is the National Veterinary Services & Quality Assurance Manager at Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

PIC’s through ongoing consultations with our stakeholders, saw the value in dedicating an education/extension session specifically to health topics, this  will be our 3rd  education and extension session that solely focuses on poultry health.  For Session details, agenda and registration click here.